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What can you do to help?

Talk. Talk to you family and friends about the matter. What do they think about fish? Should they be treated more fairly? Should they be eaten at all? If you have read the "What do I do" page, you will know a little about scallop dredgers. What do you think about those? The more you talk, the more the word will be spread. Comment about it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so that the world can see what you're doing. Write letters to people you know, or put home-made flyers through your neighbours' letter boxes. Talk and get the problem known.

If you're not a big fan of social media, you could sign the petition or even email the link to other people, instead. Why not paint pictures of fish or make posters to give to other people. Use poska pens or paint to decorate everyday items around your house with images of coulourful fish or coral. Other people might not see this, but the important thing is that you see them. If you drink out of a mug covered in marine doodles, you will begin to see fish as creatures of the ocean and not snacks of the plate.

Use your imagination: help in your own way!

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