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What am I doing?

Fish with Scales Sketch

 My two main focuses are as follows:

  1. I would like you to see fish as what they really are, instead of as what you think they are.

  2. Scallop dredging is causing a stir in a lot of places. In Bae Ceredigion (Cardigan Bay), fish are dying because dredging absolutely destroys the sea bed, wiping out coral and fish's homes in the process. Fish are left with nowhere to live, and subsequently die. People all over the country come to Cardigan Bay to visit the water animals there (namely the dolphins), but there are less and less fish in the water. 

I am not trying to get you to stop eating fish, but perhaps after reading this, you will do that anyway.

At the moment, there is only a small area in Cardigan Bay where scallop dredging is allowed, and even then, only for a small amount of time. Unfortunately, scallop dredgers insist that a larger area could be fished without damaging the marine habitat. 

But too many fish habitats have already been destroyed! Help me stop the government expanding dredging areas, and instead make them smaller, or even get rid of them from Cardigan Bay entirely!!

Even if you don't think scallop dredging should be banned, that doesn't mean this campaign isn't for you. Do you ever see fish calendars? If so, are they pictures of real fish; alive and healthy ones? Or is each month illustrated with a different seafood dish at a French restaurant? At least think of fish as real animals with feelings that count. If you do that, I will be overjoyed :)


Tell your friends, enemies; anyone you know that fish are wonderful and should be protected. Because a Scallop dredger in a Cardigan Bay is like a bulldozer in a nature reserve. 

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